Wednesday , 13 November 2019
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What is a Liquid Facelift?

Liquid Facelift

Dermal fillers have completely changed the anti-aging game for restoring age related volume loss, filling wrinkles and redefining facial youth. It is well known that dermal fillers are able to take years off your face and delay the necessity of surgery. Even though surgery does bring long lasting results, the statistics show that patients prefer non-surgical treatments to surgical procedures. …

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The unimaginable use of Botox in the treatment of overactive bladder

Botox for Overactive Bladder

Both women and men have focused to Botox to reverse the aging signs, but now a new medical use for these injections has emerged. As a matter of fact, Botox is being widely used for the treatment of overactive bladder. Manifested as a sudden and uncontrollable urge to urinate, overactive bladder can result in incontinence. Women and men of all …

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Galderma’s Newly Launched Restylane Skinboosters Smart-Click System

Smartclick System

After Winning The Coveted Red Dot Design Award, The Newly Launched Restylane Skinboosters Smart-Click System Set To Take The Market. Galderma collaborates with physicians to provide suitable products and solutions that help patients attain their goals. And as proof to this, we are proud to break the good news that Restylane Skinboosters SmartClick delivery system scooped Red Dot’s Award for …

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Depression and Botox: Are the Injections a Cure for Wrinkles and Mood Disorders?

Botox Injection and Depression

Botox is a widely sought after cosmetic injection that is primarily meant to get rid of wrinkles in aging faces. But, unknown to most people, Botox has other startling advantages. According to recent findings by researchers, after years of studies, facial Botox treatments have the ability of relieving depression. The phenomenon behind this possibility is referred to as the facial …

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Ulthera Acquisition by Merz for $600M

Merz to Acquire Ulthera

The privately held German pharmaceutical company, Merz, has been growing at a fast pace. It makes products for neurosciences, dermatology and aesthetics markets. It has recently announced purchase of the energy based medical devices maker, Ulthera, for $600 million. The money will be paid in upfront cash as well as milestone payments. Ulthera is privately held and is based in …

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Dermal Fillers for Acne Scars

One of the most frustrating skin issues that most people go through is acne. Most of us have learned how to cope with the occasional blemish, but scars left behind by acne is hard to live with. Especially those pitted and depressed acne scars because they can interfere with the appearance of healthy, radiant skin. Not to mention that textural …

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Allergan Acquisition

Valeant Logo

Aesthetics Giant, Valeant, Makes Hostile Bid for Allergan On April 22nd the aesthetic market started buzzing about BIG news. One week ago, Valeant declared their intentions to acquire the industry giant, Allergan. This news stirred up a lot of emotion, especially because experts say that the “acquisition” is much more of a hostile take over than a merger. Valeant Pharmaceuticals …

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Dermal Fillers for Your Face

Dermal Fillers for Facial Wrinkles

Since dermal fillers have been on the rise as an alternative to cosmetic surgery, several different products have been released onto the cosmetic market. With the wide variety of brands, patients are left to work with whatever products their doctors use in their clinics. The truth is that each dermal filler has an approved use for certain area of the …

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The most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2013

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2013

In 2013, The ASPS, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, noted that 13.4 million forms of plastic surgery were performed which represented an astounding three percent increase from those completed in 2012. Two procedures in particular were the most requested: butt augmentation and neck lifts. Statistics show a 16 percent surge from 2012 rates in the procedure best known as the …

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