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Dermalive Filler

Dermalive, manufactured by Dermatech, is a cosmetic facial filler made of hyaluronic acid with acrylic hydrogel particles. It is considered a semi-permanent facial filler, lasting several years as opposed to several months. It has however, been banned in the United States since 2003, and it’s license as a medical product was suspended in France. Dermalive was a brilliant idea in dermal fillers, yet due to granulomas caused, the product is no longer suggested for use.

Dermalive Advertised Benefits Are To Fill:

  • Glabellar or deep smile lines
  • Creases around the nose and mouth
  • Frown lines
  • Depressed scars
  • In and around the cheek area, chin, and lips providing tissue contouring

How Dermalive Works

Dermalive is injected into the inner layers of dermis, beneath the folds or wrinkles that are to be treated. The hyaluronic acid and acrylic hydrogel gel forms a capsule that does not totally disappear in the skin. The hydrogel particles remain together, surrounded by the body’s connective tissue, and after approximately 4-8 weeks, the natural texture of the dermis is reproduced around each of the capsules which are then integrated into the skin. This is what gives Dermalive its lasting effect.

When natural integration of the acrylic hydrogel and skin tissue is not successful for some reason, then granulomas develop. Although it has not been stated definitively why this product causes these skin rejection bumps, it could be due to the injection technique, or the body rejecting the hydrogel particles. It is a dermal filler that can last years, and is a convenient product if it works for you, but the negative effects from granulomas cannot be reversed.

Side Effects & Complications

Many patients have reported severe injection-site facial deformities, painful lumps or bumps, and swollen or distorted and blistered lips. It may also cause the inability to smile if injected into the region around the mouth, such as the nasolabial area. In many cases of granulomas, removing or dissolving the injection is not successful, and there is no cure.

Injection Procedure

The Dermalive injection procedure is very much like all dermal filler injections. An experienced doctor will discuss your medical history, and your desired results from injections. Your face may be marked for injection sites, and cleansed. Injections are made into the deep dermal area of the skin, below the lines, wrinkles and folds.

There is no allergy test required, because it is made of non-animal hyaluronic acid. There is no downtime, and the side effects listed are short-term swelling, and bruising. Although there is no specific listing of granulomas developing, it must be noted that patients have developed them, and more studies are necessary to determine the reason.

Dermalive/DermaDeep Review

Dermalive and DermaDeep have worked for some patients, however the number of patients in which it was rejected or did not work, is the reason to be cautious when using any dermal filler. The effects can be devastating, and can be permanent. The reasons for trying Dermalive are that there is no allergy pre-test required, very few side-effects if it works, and it lasts for years as opposed to months, so follow-up treatments are not required.

If Dermalive worked as advertised, it would have been a huge success, however there are safety reasons for why it was banned in the United States. Perhaps the technology will be worked out one day, and the product will be assessed, revised, and will come back in a newer, and improved dermal filler that is safe for all candidates to use.

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  1. I had derma live approx 10years ago whilst on holiday in tenerife, the doctor practises In porto de la Cruz, it was the worst decision I have ever made as I developed red swellings on my face where the needle was injected and I have been trying ever since to find someone who can rectify the mess it has made, but to no avail

  2. Hello,

    Where can we get dermadeep or dermalive in england?
    Thank you

    • Gema, I hope you didn’t get injected with Dermalive. I had it done 10 years ago. Initially it was good then years later the granulomas showed up. It’s horrible and no way to correct it.

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