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Elevess Dermal Filler

Elevess is a hyaluronic acid based dermal filler used for lines and wrinkles in the facial area. It is manufactured by Anika Therapeutics, and was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in 2009, for use in the United States. The name Elevess was changed to Hydrelle because it sounded too much like another dermal filler Evolence, which was being introduced at the same time, by the Johnson and Johnson Company. Elevess is a natural filler with immediate effects, long-lasting results, and minimized injection pain.

How Elevess Works

Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of the skin, which supports the skin’s structure. Elevess is injected into the dermal layer of skin, under the wrinkles or folds in the face, to add volume, lifting the wrinkles out, and supporting the underlying skin structure which has been degraded with age, lifestyle, or disease. The hyaluronic acid is cross-linked for longer-lasting results, and lidocaine, an anesthetic, is added to the injectable gel formula, to minimize injection pain.

Elevess contains the highest concentration of hyaluronic acid in this dermal filler category, and contributes to its longevity in the skin. Because it is made of hyaluronic acid, a pre-test on the skin for allergies is not required, and there is little to no downtime after the injections. Because Elevess is a concentrated formula, fewer injections are necessary, which makes it possibly less expensive than other dermal fillers as well.

Benefits of Elevess Injections

  • Less risk of rejection due to allergic reaction, and no pre-test required
  • Is formulated with lidocaine, and may be less painful than other injectable dermal fillers
  • Little to no downtime, and common side effects lasting usually only a maximum of one week
  • Treats deeper lines and wrinkles (nasolabial folds, fine lines around the eyes and mouth) using fewer injections
  • May be used for cheek and lip enhancement, and other facial contouring
  • Immediate results with greater longevity
  • Requires 50% less formulated gel injected than other dermal fillers, decreasing the expense of multiple injections

Injection Procedure

Because Elevess is a concentrated hyaluronic based formula, it is important that the injection administrator is experienced with deeper dermal injections. The success of the deeper dermal injections relies in part, on placement of the injections, and how the surrounding skin reacts to the injection. Medical history and a list of medications that you are currently taking should be discussed with the doctor, as well as your expectations.

The face will be cleansed, injection sites will be marked, and injections administered into the dermal layer of skin. Because Elevess contains lidocaine, topical anesthetic may not be necessary. The treatment usually lasts under an hour, and there is usually very limited down time after the injections. Skin should not be subject to over-exposure of sun, ultraviolet light, or extreme cold, immediately following injections.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Elevess contains sodium metabisulfite, an antioxidant, containing trace amounts of gram positive bacteria. Certain people who are allergic to gram positive bacteria, may experience allergic reactions to this formula. If you have had a history of anaphyalaxis (severe allergies), are taking blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin or prescribed medications, are pregnant or nursing, or are undergoing immunosuppressive therapy, an alternative dermal filler may be discussed.

Treatment may be postponed if the facial skin is inflamed, infected, has sores, a rash, cysts, hives, or acne, until the existing problems are healed.

Possible Side Effects

Some common side effects are:

  • redness
  • tenderness
  • bruising
  • itching
  • swelling
Small injection-site nodules or bumps may develop, but usually dissipate within a week.

Elevess Reviews

The majority of reviews state less than satisfactory results for Elevess, mostly due to patients who experienced severe reactions to the injections. Painful swelling and blistering of the injection sites occurred when the patients did not have any known allergies. Plastic surgeons suggest that this may be due to the injection technique and placement, along with skin allergies to the product. Lumps in the skin occurred due to injections not being deep enough in the dermal layer as well.

There were a few positive reviews however, and the patients appreciated the longevity of Elevess. To achieve the best results, discussing medical history, and the prescriptions that you are currently taking, are very important. It is also of great importance to research, and seek a doctor or cosmetic plastic surgeon who is experienced with more concentrated dermal fillers.

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