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eMatrix Skin Treatment

New Method Of Skin Resurfacing Without The Downtime

Introduced by Syneron Medical LTD. in 2009, eMatrix is a new skin treatment, using radio frequency sublation, instead of laser energy, to correct impurities of the skin. It fills the gap between non-aggressive and aggressive types of skin treatment.

Laser treatments help to correct minor impurities, and the most aggressive treatment of plastic surgery is used in major cosmetic facial aesthetics. eMatrix is a procedure that lies in between the two, reaches further down in the skin than lasers, while causing very little disruption to the outer skin layer, shortening patient downtime.

Sublative Rejuvenation in eMatrix Skin Treatment

eMatrix ProcedureSublative Rejuvenation does not involve using a laser, or light treatment, but instead uses radio frequency(RF), directing energy from the heat into the dermis, or deeper level of skin. The heat made by radio frequency, and delivered through electrodes, produces deep heating in the dermis, yet does not cause superficial skin injury of the epidermis. The heat in the dermis is sublative, or spreads out after penetration of the epidermis, into the dermal level, stimulating cell re-growth, and collagen reproduction.

It is fractional, RF, Sublative Rejuvenation, because only selected areas of the skin are treated. When the skin treatment is delivered in fractions, it allows the skin to heal, and the old skin is replaced with new, in just a few days. Sublative Rejuvenation works from the inside to the outside, instead of the opposite, causing very few outer-layer skin disturbances. Usually, a sunburn type redness and tenderness, and tiny scabs from electrode patterns can be seen and felt.

Sublative Rejuvenation can deliver a uniform heat distribution, at a controlled depth, to the deeper levels of skin. The action of controlled heat leads to reorganization of existing collagen, and the formation of new collagen, to tighten and repair elasticity in the epidermis, or outer layer of skin. This procedure can be used on all skin types, and is an alternative for patients with darker skin, who may be at risk for hyperpigmentation receiving laser treatments.


The eMatrix system does not address all signs of aging, but may:

Overall Skin Appearance And Health Reduce wrinkles from sun damage and aging Eliminate, or reduce facial scarring from acne, or accidents Address textural irregularities in the skin Improve the tone of the skin Assist with superficial skin lesions Eliminate brown spots Address broken blood vessels

Benefits of eMatrix Procedure Little to no discomfort during procedure (topical anesthetic is applied before procedure, and numbing cream is offered after, if irritation occurs) Procedure lasts only approximately 20 minutes Short recovery time, due to minimal disruption to outer layer of skin Treatment directed at the appropriate skin layers Patients require fewer, shorter sessions (series of 3 treatments with 3-4 weeks in between each of the treatments) Procedure may be done on all skin types Patient may continue to see results up to a year after procedure.

eMatrix Review

Bipolar radio frequency (RF) can remove microscopic particles of skin beneath the surface of the skin in the dermal layer, minimizing damage to the epidermis, and regenerating collagen production. The procedure helps to give you smoother, tighter-appearing, and brighter skin. Because it is fractional, the heat, directed by electrodes, is sent to the specific skin layer necessary, and it is sublative, because the heat is spread, to produce more collagen, which increases the skin’s elasticity that it loses with aging.

eMatrix Before After PhotoIt should be noted that eMatrix Skin treatment does not work on all facial impurities. If you are considering this, or any other facial treatment, you need to consult with a licensed dermatologist or specialist before any procedure. Because everyone’s skin is different, some people who have had this procedure too longer to heal, some experienced facial swelling, some thought that it was very painful, and so it is imperative that you research this procedure to see if it may be beneficial to your specific skin problem.

eMatrix has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and positive results have been seen in clinical trials. Because the heat is directed to lower layers of skin, the outer layer of skin is not damaged, and the healing of damaged skin cells begins below the surface. Collagen is stimulated to grow, and results may continue for a year. eMatrix is a relatively new procedure, that may be right for you, but make sure that you have consulted with a specialist before proceeding with this, or any skin treatment.

Read more about eMatrix patient’s reviews, before and after photos here.

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