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LED Skin Rejuvenation

LED Skin Treatment is a very effective skin care therapy used by professionals like spa and dermatologists as anti-acne and anti-aging solution. This has been recognized as the most affordable, safest and fastest means for achieving young and radiant skin. LED Skin Rejuvenation is a non-laser treatment that can penetrate your skin with low-intensity light energy.

After more than 90% of the individuals who had tried this therapy had shown much skin condition improvement, Home use devices were created to help you care for your skin occasionally. The same companies that produce professional light therapy devices also produce the various home-use LED light therapy products.

The LED skin care technology originated from NASA research. It was not only meant to treat skin problems but also help fight cancer, pain relief purposes and also grow plants. NASA first tested LED more than 35 years ago for use within the United States space program. Since then, LED light has been used for cosmetic treatment in dermatology offices and spas.

Skin rejuvenation with LED Light


As you get older, your skin tends to wrinkle and sag, because it can no longer pull itself back firmly like it once did when you were young. Collagen makes it possible for our skin to be firm and elastic, as we age the collagen breaks down thus giving your skin the aged look. To stop aging and rejuvenate your skin, the red LED  activates the cell receptors that cause the cells to produce more collagen thus increasing the skin’s elasticity.

Although similar to laser in terms of light frequencies produced, red LED produces light with less intense tissue damage and heat. This light can penetrate deeper into the skin than the laser light. For many individual’s red LED Skin Treatment has shown immediate and positive results. This light has enlarged their pores, given them fine lines while reducing broken capillaries resulting in a firmer, smoother and much more even skin. So, if you want to remove your skin blemishes plus sun damage and improve your rosacea then red LED skin therapy is the one to go for.

LED Skin Treatment against acne

Acne Treatment with LED LightPropionibacterium, the bacteria that causes acne is very sensitive to light at a range between 405-420nm. The blue LED emits light at this range is absorbed by the bacteria which in return kills it thus eliminating acne. Blue light is also very effective against winter blues which is a seasonal affective disorder. Red light can also be used to heal acne as it reduces oil and sebum production, scarring and also inflammation caused by acne. Green light is used to treat hyper pigmentation and sun damage

How many LED skin therapy do I need?

The correct frequency for red LED skin treatment is a 30 minutes session after every 7-10 days for five weeks. But this will depend on your skin condition and how wide spread is the condition. After you have rejuvenated your skin it is crucial to remember that this treatment is temporary so maintenance is necessary. So many individual’s go for maintenance LED skin treatment over a specified space of 3-6 months depending on the doctors advice.

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