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The most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in 2013

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures of 2013

In 2013, The ASPS, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, noted that 13.4 million forms of plastic surgery were performed which represented an astounding three percent increase from those completed in 2012. Two procedures in particular were the most requested: butt augmentation and neck lifts. Statistics show a 16 percent surge from 2012 rates in the procedure best known as the …

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Could This Routine Cosmetic Procedure Destroy Your Eyesight?

It was an unremarkable procedure, the kind of simple wrinkle treatment carried out countless times a day: an injection of filler materials to smooth out the worry-lines on the client’s forehead. The substances involved were conventional and well-tested — Artefill, an FDA-approved dermal filler composed of polymer microspheres, and a widely-used bovine collagen preparation. The patient herself was a fit, …

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Rumors Fly about Kylie Jenner Receiving Plastic Surgery

Kylie Jenner

Rumors fly of young Kylie Jenner receiving plastic surgery that may have included a nose job, lip injections, and plenty of Botox! We’ve all heard the countless rumors regarding Kim and her plastic surgery exploits; however, now similar rumors are spreading about Kylie. According to the most recent In Touch Weekly issue, it’s very possible that Kylie Jenner might have …

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