Thursday , 24 October 2019
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Marionette Lines Causes, Prevention and Treatments

Marionette Lines

What are Marionette Lines? Marionette lines are long vertical wrinkles that traverse from the corners of the lips to the chin. Sometimes these lines go up from the mouth to the nose, though they are very rare. The name is derived from Marionette puppets that have faces with long vertical creases. These creases could give a grim or sad look …

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Light Chemical Peels: Your questions answered

Light Chemical Peels

What are light chemical peels and how they can help you with your skin problems? What are the solutions used during the treatment? How effective are their results? What are their side effects and what is the recovery time? If questions like this are surrounding your thoughts then read this article. Light peel is a type of chemical peel treatment …

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Differences between the Many Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Since people are living much longer and healthier than they used to, many of us are looking for ways to look as young as we feel. As we age the elasticity of our skin continues to diminish causing wrinkles and sagging skin. It used to be that the only solution was to go under the knife for long lasting results …

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