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Puragen/Puragen Plus Dermal Filler

Puragen and Puragen Plus are facial dermal fillers which are bacterially derived of non-animal hyaluronic acid, used to add volume to the skin, smooth wrinkles and lines in the face, and also used to enhance the lip area. The FDA has not yet approved Puragen products by Mentor Corporation/Johnson and Johnson for use in the United States, but they are being used in various other countries around the world. Mentor expected to file its approval application for Puragen Plus in 2006, therefore, it may not be long before it is approved worldwide.

How Puragen Products Are Made

Puragen products contain bacterially derived, non-animal based, hyaluronic acid. It is created using Mentor Corporation technology called double cross-linking or DXL. The DXL process double cross-links hyaluron molecules which provides greater resistance to degradation than most of the other fillers on the market, which are single cross-linked. Other fillers rely on the larger particle size to make the product last longer, but DXL technology makes Puragen last longer.

The Puragen product particle size is slightly smaller than Restylane, but it is less likely to break down with hyaluronidase enzyme, so it breaks down in the body more slowly than Restylane. Puragen Plus differs from Puragen, in that it contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic. When injected with Puragen Plus, no topical anesthetic is necessary for a nearly painless injection. The sister product of Puragen products is Prevelle.

Puragen Range Of Treatment:

  • Adds volume to facial structure
  • Smooths wrinkles and lines
  • Restores fullness in the glabellar region, or the “frown lines” between the eyebrows
  • Softens nasolabial folds or “smile lines” from the nose to the mouth
  • Enhances and defines lips
  • Fills in facial depressions and scars
  • Assists in facial contouring

Puragen Procedure And Side Effects

Puragen should not be administered if the patient has severe allergic reactions, is allergic to gram positive bacterial proteins, or immediately after facial laser treatment, or chemical peels. It is recommended to wait six to eight weeks before receiving injections after these procedures. The other limitations may be similar to Prevelle products such as if you have allergic reactions to lidocaine, have existing skin lesions or acne, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are currently taking blood-thinning medications.

The procedure begins before injections, by finding an experienced doctor to consult with about your medical history and your expectations. No pre-allergy test is required with Puragen, and the results are immediate, so there is little if any downtime. Your doctor will score injection sites on your face with a marker, the face will be cleansed with antiseptic, and injections will be given with a fine needle. If you choose Puragen Plus, a topical anesthetic will not be necessary, because it contains lidocaine as an anesthetic.

After the Puragen injections, you may experience transient erythema (redness around the injection site), swelling, pain around the injection site, itching, discoloration, or tenderness. These side effects will usually resolve themselves in one to two days. Some side effects are directly related to how the injections are administered, so it is wise to seek a doctor or plastic surgeon experienced in facial dermal filler injections.

Puragen lasts a minimum of six to eight months, but can last up to one year, depending on the structure of the skin, lifestyle, age, area being treated, and the expertise and technique used by the administrator. Lip enhancements may not last as long however.

Benefits of Puragen And Puragen Plus

There is no waiting time for Puragen injections because pre-allergy testing is not required. The results of Puragen injections are immediate, and there seems to be a low incidence of side effects reported by patients who have used Puragen injections in other countries. It seems to last longer, due to DXL technology, and if administered properly, the smaller particles actually lessen the chance of developing bumps or granulomas in the injected facial area. Incorrect placement of dermal injections however, will reduce Puragen’s effect, and alter its longevity.

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