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Rumors Fly about Kylie Jenner Receiving Plastic Surgery

Rumors fly of young Kylie Jenner receiving plastic surgery that may have included a nose job, lip injections, and plenty of Botox!

We’ve all heard the countless rumors regarding Kim and her plastic surgery exploits; however, now similar rumors are spreading about Kylie. According to the most recent In Touch Weekly issue, it’s very possible that Kylie Jenner might have taken to plastic surgery.

The current issue of the tabloid magazine quotes a plastic surgeon, who has actually never even treated Kylie, saying that the current reality star’s face has changed recently. When you consider the amount of work that all of her sisters had in the past, it wouldn’t be at all surprising if Kylie got an early jump on the game.

Did you hear that people? An anonymous and unnamed plastic surgeon who has never previously treated or even consulted with Kylie Jenner would not be the least bit surprised if she already took to plastic surgery.

When it comes to Kylie, there’s no shortage of online material to sort through. There are numerous bikini photos, as well as a number of racy photos of.cf the young 16 year old celebrity. The unnamed surgeon claims that Kylie may have received Botox injections to the forehead, lip injections, as well as a nose job. According to another In Touch insider, Kylie has always felt self-conscious and was probably pressured into receiving the plastic surgery procedures by celebrity mom, Kris Jenner.

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