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Acne Scar Treatment by ArteFill Dermal Filler

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Dermal Filler Considered Safe Treatment for Individuals with Acne Scars The privately-held aesthetics company Suneva Medical Inc., has recently announced the results of a follow-up study which took place 12 months after its original multi-center, randomized, double-blinded Pivotal acne scar study. The original study evaluated the efficacy and safety of the dermal filler ArteFill, which is used to treat acne …

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Artefill Dermal Filler

Artefill Injections

Artefill is an injectable dermal filler, made of synthetic microspheres and bovine (cow) collagen.  It is a permanent facial filler used primarily to treat nasolabial creases, lines, and folds in the face, which is created from the degradation of the body’s collagen.  Artefill is an improved version of the facial treatment Artecoll.  Artefill was approved for use in the United …

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