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Ultherapy – Non-Sufrgical Facelift

Ultherapy is a newly discovered form of treatment used to improve the unwanted effects of aging on the face. It is a non-invasive procedure that uses advanced ultrasound technology to penetrate the skin. The therapy is favored for being non-surgical while still providing an efficient face and neck lift.

Benefits of Using Ultherapy

This type of treatment used for skin firming and tightening is safer and more accurate than most other procedures. Unlike surgical treatment, it is not as painful and does not require anesthesia. The reason why this form of treatment is more precise is because the provider is able to detect the specific places on your skin that need to be treated. People worried about health issues regarding anesthesia and surgical recovery can benefit from using this form of treatment. Facial and lower neck skin can be firmed and lifted without the need for surgery.

Who is a good Candidate for Ultherapy Treatment?

Ultimately, it is up to your doctor to decide whether this type of treatment is safe and appropriate. People in their mid-years that are starting to show signs of facial skin sagging and drooping are usually ideal candidates. Pursuing the treatment at too young of an age is normally not beneficial. The same goes for people with extreme facial skin sagging; in this case a surgical facelift may be more suitable.

Ultherapy Procedure

A small device is gently placed on the skin being treated. While the device is on your skin, the provider can see images of your skin on a special monitor. The images will help the provider determine what areas need to be treated. These areas are then treated with low dosages of heat.

During the procedure you may feel a warm and stinging sensation. Although anesthesia is not required, you can talk to your doctor about the pain management options available. Depending on the area that needs to be treated, the whole process can take 30 min. to an hour.

Recovery and Results

Ultherapy MachinePatients that undergo Ultherpy can return to their daily routine right after the procedure. Redness, inflammation, and mild pain is commonly experienced but will go away within a few hours. In rare cases, people with sensitive skin can develop bruising and inflammation that will go away in 1-2 weeks. Pain management is highly recommended, as it will reduce discomfort. Talk to your doctor about the medications you are able to take to help with pain and inflammation.

Results will typically start to be noticeable 2-3 months after the procedure. Some people see immediate changes, while others notice results once they reach 3 months after treatment. Changes around the eyes and brows are usually seen first, followed by changes noticed in the lower part of the face and in the neck. Overall, a firmer, smoother, and tighter skin is expected.

Ultrasound technology has been around for many years and is routinely used in the medical field. There are little, if any risks involved with Ultherapy. It is approved by the FDA in the U.S. and considered one of the safest forms for improving signs of aging in the facial area.

Ultherapy is currently the favored type of non-surgical facelift treatment.

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