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What is a Liquid Facelift?

Dermal fillers have completely changed the anti-aging game for restoring age related volume loss, filling wrinkles and redefining facial youth. It is well known that dermal fillers are able to take years off your face and delay the necessity of surgery.

Even though surgery does bring long lasting results, the statistics show that patients prefer non-surgical treatments to surgical procedures. Last year the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reported that the number of soft tissue filler treatments that were done in the US increased by 243% since the millennium and the number of surgical procedures done has decreased by 12%.

Because of the reservation to surgery and the positive results of injectables, doctors came up with a procedure using a combination of dermal fillers that can temporarily delay the need for a surgical facelift called a ‘liquid facelift’. With the proper skills and techniques a liquid facelift can sculpt, contour and lift areas of the face to restore youth in your face without surgery.

Liquid facelifts have become popular for a number of reasons, starting with the non-surgical nature of the procedure. A great benefit of a liquid facelift is that the results are immediately visible and they evolve and improve in the days that follow. This is a big difference because a typical surgical facelift can take anywhere from 3-6 months for full recovery. Apart from slight redness, swelling and bruising majority of liquid facelift patients return to regular activities right after their procedure. Like with any cosmetic treatment there is mild discomfort after the procedures is done that is easily manageable with over the counter medications. Some patients may be hesitant to get this procedure all in one visit, but a liquid facelift can typically be done in one 45 minute session.

The way this procedure works is the problem areas are discussed during the consultation, which is when the corrective injectables are selected. Typically the dermal fillers that are used for a liquid facelift are Juvederm Voluma, Restylane/ Perlane, Radiesse, Sculptra and often times BOTOX as well. In addition to reducing lines, wrinkles, folds and creases, a liquid facelift can resolve drooping facial features (like brows and jowls), improve eye bags, dark under eye circles, sunkenness under eyes, lift drooping corners of the mouth, hide bumps on the nose, add volume to cheeks or temples, create fuller lips, correct ‘gummy’ smiles, and restore a fuller appearance of sunken areas. In many cases, injectables can also reduce volume in the instance of a protruding jaw instead of going through surgical implants or breaking the jaw.

Now, patients who have had dermal filler treatments for a quick touch up sometimes worry that a liquid facelift will only last 6-9 months like many of the popular dermal fillers. This is not the case. A liquid facelift can last up to 2 years depending on the dermal fillers used.

With cosmetic procedures cost is always a determining factor and patients love the idea that a liquid facelift is only a fraction of the cost of a surgical facelift. Generally a surgical facelift can cost upwards of $11,000, whereas on average a liquid facelift will only set you back $2,100.

So how do you know if you are a good candidate? Anyone who is generally in good health that wants to attain a more youthful and rested appearance is a good candidate for a liquid facelift. If you are considering a liquid facelift or even considering dermal filler treatments you should speak with your doctor or a board certified plastic surgeon.

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